Paul Sommer

The readings and comparison of young people and adults seemed real evaluation of the Stressbelastungs decisive.”Paul Sommer of the biophysical laboratory explains his approach. “The investigation was carried out in several phases: phase 1 was the inventory”. This was as a result of the negative, that a higher stress level was detected in most subjects. “sums up Paul Sommer. The second measurement was carried out after 4 weeks. In this second phase the subjects were given by Paul Sommer developed harmonizer”, which can reduce the biological effect of electromagnetic pollution. The harmonizer was attributed a radiation that is disturbing the organism in its natural order and thereby reducing the levels of stress for the nervous system.” In the phase of result of an ECG degree measurement of subjects took place. Stress levels was halved by space harmony fields.

The final results in the study of the biophysical Testing laboratories show that with the application of space harmony fields the overall performance of the autonomic nervous system in all measurements below the initial level of the neutral measurement. The wingspan of the heartbeat intervals could nearly halved during the measurement period. It is assumed that natural regenerative processes are facilitated by the higher physiological coherence. Comparability of measured values is each of the last 2 minutes the neutral measurement of all studies ensured by the uniform evaluation. Scientific studies on the subject of electromagnetic pollution according to statements by Paul Sommer were children and young people not yet in the Center. Generally, it is to say that children especially sensitive to influences from the environment and harder to elude some pressures as adults. So far, studies on the only basis of adult surveys were collected.

Practical tests and research played no role in this. This should effect of electromagnetic radiation slowly testing a high priority to be measured, because people are increasingly exposed to them for about 20 years. And while our generation of the future the focus should be.”Paul Sommer said the starting point of the first study of practice in this area. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices. International research, it is known that long-term stress weakens the memory and learning function at any age. Also the study of the biophysical laboratory, Paul Sommer shows that stress no matter what factors caused negative impact on the human nervous system and thus all bodily functions has. I would like to further research and develop harmonized products, so that future generations can live naturally healthy.” That a high level of stress already observed in teens in other studies, can be seen from this, that Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel conceded more research needed for children’s and young people on the occasion of the evaluation of mobile research program radio in June 2008. More study results or background information are to ask Paul Summer at. Paul Sommer conducts research for five years in the field of biofeedback. Dipl.-ing. Paul Sommer