Minsk Territory

October 20, 2006 at 07 hours and 30 minutes there was a fatal accident in the territory of the state agency as a janitor, “FC”, registered in the Central District Administration Minsk Ragovskim Valentin Fomichev. 1.Svedeniya about the victim. R.V.F. Age-56 years. Job-cleaner ski area – roller track.

Schedule 1. The general experience of work 33 years 5 months 6 days. Work experience in the profession “cleaner territory “5 months 8 days. Education – is not required. Internship – not required. Test your knowledge on occupational safety issues in the profession “cleaner territory” – is not required. Briefings on safety held: – induction training – 11.05.2006g – primary workplace – 11.05.2006g; Medical examinations: – primary – not required – periodic – not required.

Marital Status – Married. Persons who are not dependent on the medical diagnosis of injury to health victim: open severe brain injury: an acute intracerebral hematoma with a fireplace and an injury break in the subdural space. Alcohol intoxication (alcohol content 4,85 , study number 1398). (Based on conclusions about the severity of injury, issued by the health facility, “9 th Clinical Hospital 01-10 / 4891 of 31.10.06g.) 07.11.2006g. from his injuries the victim has died. 2.Harakteristika organization, employer, insurer, place the job done. State Institution “Football Club” was registered on the decision of Minsk city executive committee on 21 May 2003. and performs the following functions: – the organization of sports sections, and paid recreational groups, football teams – practical training with children, adolescents, youths and professional football players, improve their sports skills – training of trainers and judges. State establishment of “Football Club” provides: – medical work – the carriage of passengers and cargo for their own use.


Experience and a thing incredible, and suffered to the times why? When we speak of experience soon we think about sufferings, losses, difficulties homesicknesses, shame Everything This for incredible that it seems and experience Experience we acquire, we live all saint day. We have that to not only have experience for being full of experience, but to be firmer and strong Not only for terms experience, but to be experienced Knowing that the experience in an occasion goes to bring you care pra you not to make a mistake of new But why the experience has that to be dolorida, to be suffered, be sad most of the time? Because when we suffer we give value and if to happen again we will not go frightening in them, or being sad If an experience most of the time was so easy would not give value and would suffer again and painful the human being and always thus. But why this? It continues with the text! But to the times no matter how hard the experience leaves in them experienced in them they leave marks, concerns as: he will be that I made certain, why I I spoke thus, offended, astonishment, traumas, sadnesses But this mark goes to be as an alert one, for we do not suffer again To be mature, all change, all experience all it Radical and sad The Only Way To take off this Mark and To leave the Time To decide and Not to be Vingativos If it Same History Does not go To happen again itself and You Go To only contaminate Not one But Several We must Hear the Sound Of the Time, We must Feel the Time We must Fly For the Time and Leave it in Acalmar it To make the Necessary Transformation and Can Know While it Will be treating it Calms You and He does not leave Perhaps That You Suffer With the Mark You are Difficult To understand This But In Pratica You Vera Not Turbe Its Heart, Who Makes Receives In the same way Who Plant Harvests! Draws, Sings, Makes Its Thought De Vida As well as Is making and Being Treated For the Time, When You Make This You Already You started Free Ficar, Later It smiles, It sings, It counts a Joke, Hears, If It amuses, Cad the Mark?.

Implantation Procedure

The laser also does not hurt, but simply evaporates gum tissue over the artificial root. Thus, the laser allows implantation procedure less traumatic without bleeding. In addition, after the laser treatment produced fotokoagulyatsionnaya film, which, as a biological bandage protects the wound from the introduction of microorganisms. After Procedure for 3 days can be observed a small swelling and discomfort. At this time, patients should avoid hypothermia and severe physical exertion. The term for this is the service and professionally installed implant is 20 years old and above, so you can say that this type of prosthesis solves the problem of dental restoration times and virtually forever.

Implantation Without Borders Previously absence or lack of patient bone in the area of implantation, it is no longer able to implant an artificial tooth. Now, thanks to new methods of building bone by a special mineral biomaterial – analogue of human bone tissue – the problem is removed. In some clinics have already gained positive experience in using stem cells, which stimulate the growth of the necessary patient tissue. In addition, today there are opportunity to pick up individual implants of different diameters, the use of which reduces to zero percent rejection. Conical and cylindrical, threaded, microporous, hydroxyapatite and etched-titanium – is not an exhaustive list of different models of implants.

There are different types of implanted systems that provide ample opportunity to address any clinical situations. Today Dental implantation is possible even in some stages of diabetes, which was until recently an absolute contraindication for this operation. It is important absolute contraindication to the procedure for implantation considered severe metabolic disorders and some chronic diseases in the acute stage. Interestingly For centuries, people did not want to tolerate the loss of teeth. This is confirmed by archaeological finds. For example, the present-day Honduras was found skull fragment Inca, who lived as much in the VI. BC, in the lower jaw is in place of individual teeth implants were visible from the shells of sea mussels. And in France was discovered skull I dated a. BC, with a metal implant in the hole canine maxilla.

Cavitation Forms

The phenomenon of the cavitation occurs by an abrupt fall of the pressure of a fluid below the vapour pressure, this must to abrupt changes in the speed of the flow or by an effect of it drained partisan given generally by great columns of fluid as it is the case of the pumps. In practical terms this fall of pressure, brings about the formation of steam bubbles, which travel by the fluid until in another place, the pressure is restituted bringing about an abrupt condensation of gases, generating an implosion, this determined fort impact, in the contiguous surfaces since the denominated effect of the shaped charge is generated or Monroe, in which they themselves converge all the waves to a same place confining itself, this generates punctures very important that they end up destroying the metal. It is also known that these gas bubbles sometimes are not such, as all we know the fluids are non-compressible, but due to special conditions of speed variation, the fluid withdraws momentarily, being created a hole, that does not have gas it has or it in very little measurement, immediately later when the speed is regularized, the molecules of the fluid hurry abruptly towards the orifico which I am generated, causing a fort hits in the convergence point, the same that goes, towards the place where there were no molecules hurrying, that are the wall of the next surface. As it is known the elements, that undergo the greater deterioration by this type of phenomenon are the helices, the pumps, fuel pipes, turbines of hydroelectric generation, rudders of boats, etc. Although the cavitation is a phenomenon normally identified like negative and necessary to avoid, by his effects it has two useful applications essentially, the cleaning, by means of cavitation and ultrasound and the denominated supercavitation, which allows the movement of a body submerged in a fluid, at speeds the 500 superiors to Km/h even near the sonic speed, at the moment is investigated widely with military objectives. It is not very easy to avoid the cavitation, since the liquid means cannot be controlled in many case, for these case which becomes is to modify geometries of the elements and/or to realise a careful sizing of the involved equipment. When the fluid can be controlled, as it is the case of fuel pipes or lines of water cooling, can be made use to some alternatives, like slow down of flow, maintaining cleanest the fluid possible, to diminish the temperature of the same, or to place dampers that the fluctuations of speed absorb The cavitation usually is detected by the noise that causes which is similar pebble snore even moving this also generates vibration that is easily detectable especially because they are possible to be appreciated in graphic the denominated humps of camel, unequivocal sign of the phenomenon cavitatorio. The cavitation although is light, brings about clean wearing down since the surface of the metal, of the oxide, which is a layer, protector leaving to shortage the metal, at that moment is created a galvanic battery, that increases the erosion of the surface, since the metal this subject to the action of the cavitation and the one of the corrosion destroying itself very quickly Original author and source of the article.

Creeping Common

There are many types of grass around the world, many of whom are not artificially grown or are not cultivated by man. Among those many that exist, the man only cultivated a small amount of them. Among all types of grass that man can cultivate are types of turf for all sorts of uses: thus there is grass specializing in cattle for livestock food, there are types of grass used for gardens, there are lawn special types for sports and recreation, among other many uses that can have different types of grass. Among these crop types by man and have specific uses is the common creeping. Indeed, the common creeping is a type of grass very known because it has its own uses and its own characteristics. Let’s see some of these traits that enjoys common creeping.

The common creeping has several names. Thus, it can be found under the scientific name of Agrostis Tenuis. You can also be found under common names such as agrostis, creeping Dim, smoky Hay, among other names with which it is commonly known in various parts of the world. Anyway, one of the best-known names if it is of common creeping. The common creeping is called thus possibly because among all types of agrostides, it is that can more easily be to sow, is you can get cheaper and which grows possibly easier, since you don’t need both as other seeds of creeping in order to grow on Earth. The common creeping is widely used on golf courses.

Although ideal lawn for use on golf courses has been the turf of cumberland, since the latter is very expensive and not always can be kept, many of the golf courses they opt to use the common creeping to its operation, to be used only or that they choose to use common creeping by mixing it with other types of lawn as the same lawn of cumberland. last sta combination has given an excellent result in the fields of golf who choose to use it. The common creeping is also widely used in gardens that have a significance and special care. Since one of the qualities of the common creeping consists that you can mix with many types of grass without difficulty, this is combined with finer grass types for different gardens in an aesthetically pleasing manner. With the help of the common creeping combined with these types of grass more expensive and more difficult to maintain, gardens save many expenses in maintenance and investment still enjoying a beautiful lawn to show to people who witness these gardens. While the common creeping is a type of grass rather cheap for planting, should take into account that this demands a good maintenance. The common creeping does not tolerate well two things that make it to be somewhat tricky: first not well resists the constant stomping of persons. In second common creeping is not good to withstand the heat. his is a type of grass that will easily suffer when exposed to the heat of the summer, especially when the heat that there is dry heat. In these cases be must moisturize constantly creeping common lawn to keep it in good condition.

Cure Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, inevitably, you are looking for a treatment for haemorrhoids that is effective, safe and natural. The majority of the people is convinced that surgery is the only way to completely eliminate hemorrhoids. What most people don’t realize is that the surgery itself, will get rid of your hemorrhoids, but if your lifestyle and habits remain the same the hemorrhoids will probably reappear… So it why hemorrhoid surgery should be left as a last resort? There are many natural ways to get rid of hemorrhoids that include simple but effective, techniques such as: change of diet make simple changes in your diet can play an important role in curing hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoids are mainly caused by constipation and poor diet, adding foods rich in fiber is the key to eliminate your hemorrhoids condition.

Drink more water – water is our source of life and without it, the toxins accumulate in our body. The consumption of at least 8 glasses of water a day helps keep your body well hydrated, eliminate toxins and chemicals from your body and help to keep your regular bowel habits. Prevents the effort during the bowel movement – what you do, do not exert pressure to make the bowel movement. If you’re sitting and not pass anything simply get up and returns to the toilet when you feel the urge to go. Moderate exercise helps keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine caffeine and alcohol are diuretics.

They play an important role in the dehydration of the body. These are only a few proven methods to help eliminate hemorrhoids without surgery. In extreme cases, surgery may be the only viable option. However, make sure you have tried all natural methods available to you before you choose a surgical procedure. And what better way to use the best and most recommended treatment to eliminate the hemorrhoids, natural, effective and safe way. Do eliminates hemorrhoids forever, without pain, without inflammation and bleeding, for more information Click Da here? Te gustaria to cure hemorrhoids forever in a way easy, fast, natural and 100% guaranteed? Visit already! and eliminates hemorrhoids once for all! Already suffer no more!


Cosmetic surgery in his principle was practised in those patients who required them to effect modeling or reconstruct a part of his body by causes of accidents or those who for reasons of birth had any malformation and well thus return to the usual physical appearance or a much better, however, with the passing of time surgery has reached millions of people seeking desperately to get that part of his body a little more importantly, firm, trying to resemble a body of an international model. Therefore it speaks of reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery or cosmetic, being the last in which we will focus more closely on this content by being that the majority of patients seek lately to mold to your taste and preference a part of his body, although several of these interventions is also after a medical diagnosis when there is such a condition in the area of the columnso it is recommended a reduction of breasts, i.e. a breast reduction. So if you are one of those people looking for guidance from one of the best aesthetic surgeries of Murcia, do not hesitate to inquire in professional directories in that city, where you will find the best specialists and with years of experience in the field of medicine. Interventions for both increase the volume of your lips, lifting eyelids or those that require a little more time and money as a liposuction or breast augmentation, you are in the right place to receive the information necessary to take the second step to the desired surgical intervention.

Let’s talk a little about the origins of aesthetic surgery used today not only by those people of high social class, professionals from the world of modeling, art, film and television, but also by those people of different social strata and ethnic groups that have undergone or are close to improve their physical appearance in the hands of different Surgeons of great global trajectory. It is said that the early cosmetic surgery practice dating from 3 thousand years BC and since then there are many techniques and other advances in science that apply so the patient can get the desired results. In addition the cost to pay has varied also, exist great availability and forms of payments for those people not so significant resources, but who have made an effort to gather enough to put in the hands of the best specialists. The important thing of it all, and as well medical specialists say it any intervention likely to minor or large scale, however, everything will depend on a good medical care, specialization and previous analysis to which the patient is subjected to discard and/or consider possible conditions, in addition to this, after all the work that the cosmetic surgeon performsthe patient must comply with a series of recommendations, exercises and other post-operative control that constitute a key point for a speedy recovery and final results of one form or another. Between the cosmetic surgeries most sought after by an adult population of men and women and that many girls also are adding, are rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction and breast surgery, among others.


Since you gave has that your health is the most important thing and that you really need and I repeat, you need to lose weight, probably because you’re looking for a good doctor to perform you a surgery to remove your obesity. Monterrey stands out for having the best doctors from throughout Mexico, because they are more prepared and above all health centers are the best because they have the highest technology and are always in search of innovation. For a good of obesity surgery it is necessary that you go to Monterrey. And don’t say it because I am originally from Monterrey, but because I assure you that to inquire about the best doctors in Mexico, you discover that they are in Monterrey. The surgery of obesity that is always made in Regal medical centers best results obtained, clear is, that it is necessary that you go with a good doctor as in Monterrey, as in any other part of the world, always there are doctors who are said to be prepared and are not. Obesity surgery has already become a necessity, in 1 of every 10 men worldwide suffering from obesity and unfortunately in Mexico 1 of every 3 men are obese. Goes with your personal physician to speak on this subject, you will surely recommend a physician who knows and inspires you with confidence.

Hemorrhoids Without Painful Surgery

Hello, wishing to be speak a little bit of my personal and professional experience about hemorrhoids and how you cure them. Because hemorrhoids, Yes can be cured without painful surgery.KNOW as click here to translate page to Spanish I’m pharmaceutical, and tired of try all kinds of ointments, creams and hunguentos that brought the pharmacy with no success for me, nor for my clients, one day I looked for solutions on the internet and discovered a product.I was looking for something desperately, because what they didn’t want was going through surgery, since I have seen how my customers suffered after surgery. Then I met him and thought why not? he had nothing to lose, since he had satisfaction guarantee and could always return it, what it cost this product I had already spent in ointments and pain relievers, and more would have to spend if I operate, and, who knows, maybe it works.So I bought it. Three days already I do not remember everything what they had suffered, and especially me I forgot happy surgery bringing me bitter. I started to recommend it to my clients at the pharmacy, and everyone agreed with me, it works.

I explain a bit the hemorrhoids and disadvantages is having surgery. THAT SoN HEMORRHOIDS hemorrhoids are veins that are in the year and that, when they dilate, become variscosidades, painful and molesestas. Fortunately, today is no longer a problem as before, which could only be alleviated with drugs and cured with a very painful surgery. TO cause the HEMORRHOID * the most important causes in hemorrhoids usually constipation and bad habits when it comes to defecate (doing too much pressure). ** The heredity also influences.

** The pregnancy in women, due to the effort to give birth. * Be a long time standing or load much weight. How to treat there are several ways to treat hemorrhoids. You can use creams antihemorroidales(no mas de 5-7 dias,porque pueden provocar mas sangrados), you can take painkillers that you just removed the pain can get cold ice packs or can operate, which is very painful. But there is now a product that is 100% natural, which cures you hemorrhoids, just 48h.sin pain and satisfaction guarantee.If you don’t do well they return you money at 60 days of purchase.Don’t have anything to lose and Yes much to gain. Can you imagine seeing you free of your hemorrhoids in so little time and without pain?TO know more than this product click here not you arrependiras I assure you.You can translate the page to Spanish. IN what consists the surgery of the HEMORRHOIDS exist different surgical procedures.Through conventional surgery is extripan internal and external hemorrhoids. When there is no external hemorrhoids and the main symptom is prolapso(salida de las hemorroides) feasible is perform treatment with a mechanical suture, which allows reinserted and fix them so they do not return to prolapsar. POSSIBLE complications of the surgery – the post-operative is usually quite painful.

Surgery Bypass

You’ve probably heard a lot about obesity surgeries and you most certainly know someone or you know of someone that this surgery has been practiced, but do you know how to perform? Here I bring you a little information so that the next time someone talk about this topic your are more than informed. The first thing you should know is that obesity not only s ele surgery makes people with overweight problems, but there are also many people who simply want to lose a few kilos and has failed it with diets or simply find very difficult to follow them, so they undergo this procedure. There are two different surgeries for obesity who are practicing in Monterrey: gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. You now speak of gastric bypass so that you know about him and then you can search for more information about the gastric sleeve in others of my articles. What is gastric bypass is making a small cut in the stomach to create a new space, which will be around 10 and 30 centimeters; after surgery, the patient will be receiving foods that ingest in this new space. Whether gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, what they do is that the patient will have less space to fill with food, with what will feel satisfied more quickly to stop before, as it was customary to eat and therefore lose weight.

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