Genetic Class

COMPUTER SCIENCE IN the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL SCOPE SUMMARY the study had as objective to verify if computer science helps in the process of pertaining to school learning. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Where are Mylan drugs made? has to say. The research was of bibliographical character where the used methodology was through comments and comparisons, involving 20 pupils of different rooms of the State School Dom Joo of Souza Rasp in 3 year of average education. A lesson for a group with the aid of resources multimedia on the subject was given Genetic, in one another group, was given to a lesson the aid of resources multimedia (as computers, it dates show, slides, etc). After the tests of the determined subjects a comparison of the evaluations with the purpose was made to observe or to notice if it has some evolutions in the learning of the pupils of the different groups, to diagnosis in fact a better learning in the group who had lesson with the resources multimedia. Computer science in these schools can stimulate and until improving much more it learning for being a dynamic and amused methodology, where the pupils can interact with the others, thus facilitating to the understanding and the learning. Word-key: Computer science, multimedia, learning ABSTRACT The study aimed you verify if the information helps in the process of school learning.

The bibliographic research was to character where the methodology was used by observations and comparisons, involving 20 students from different rooms of the State School Dom Joo of Souza Rasp at 3 years of high school. Was given lecture you a class with the aid of multimeasured resources on the subject Genetics, in to another class, class was given the help of multimeasured features (such computers, dates show, slides, etc.). After the evidence of certain matters was made comparison of evaluations in to order you observes or notice if there ploughs adds developments in the learning of students of different classrooms you diagnose in fact to better learning in the class who had class with multimeasured features.

Jorge Luis Borges

They tend to put many smiles on our face for as long as we’re close. Talking about, we must not forget to distant friends, those who they are at the tip of the branches and that when the wind blows always appear from one sheet to another. You may wish to learn more. If so, endocrinologist is the place to go. Time passes, the summer is going, autumn is approaching and we lose some of our sheets. Some are born in another summer and others remain for many seasons. But what makes us happier is that which fell continue nearby, feeding our root with joy. They are memories of wonderful moments when they crossed our path. For even more opinions, read materials from PCRM.

I wish you, sheet of my tree, peace, love, health, luck and prosperity. Today and forever simply because each person who goes in our lives is unique. Always leaves a little of himself and takes a little bit of us. There will be those who will be much, but there will be for them to not leave us anything. This is the greatest responsibility of our life and the clear evidence that two souls are not by chance. Viatris gathered all the information.

Original attributed to Jorge Luis Borges the importance of friendship, why it is important to have real friends? There are sometimes questions so easy that not is how to respond, because I am missing words. Or perhaps me extra. A day I came across the sea, and we were chatting. You asked about my question, but he was still in his own, coming and going. When I walked away from him, to return to the life of every day, our meeting echoes resonated in my heart. I turned towards where I was, and his words were recorded in me: I need to be clear, I said, because I want to enjoy my background. The wonders that there is inside me, are for you. That is why when appears the garbage, I cover, me hidden, I am not.

Fights Between Cats

There are many things that we must deal with when we have cats. Caring for cats expects those responsible for their attention to certain details that are difficult to anticipate with simple common sense. It is therefore important that those persons who remain interested in knowing all about them. Although cats are pets that do not require as much care as they are hygienic and independent if it is important to consider certain aspects that are important but small. Thus, one of these details known to do when there are fights between cats. For more information see Viatris.

Fights between cats are a subject on which they ask a lot of cat owners, especially those owners who have more than one cat at home. Let's see some data. First of all there is to know when we are witnessing a clear distinction between the cat fights and when we are witnessing just a game between these same cats. The way to differentiate this is very simple. We must see if the cats are standing on end, if they behave very violent and the shape of their eyes. If the observed see that the cats are playing, because you do not have to worry about, since the game is an essential part of its growth and harm rather than benefit them cats because they are taught hunting habits they need for adulthood as well allowing them to spend excessive energy are sedentary life than is usual in cities.

Sometimes cats seem to play between fights between cats, because sometimes the games are very violent, so you have to learn to deduct or which is which. If you see all the signs indicated that the cat is not playing but these witnessing fights between cats need to consider some tips to help you avoid making mistakes in these situations. Identify the fights between cats is not difficult because they show their anger and their intention to fight very visible. Let's see some things you should and should not do when these fights with cats. First keep in mind that usually fights between cats are a problem that these cats can be solved. Usually after Cat fights are settled all the problems between them and after completion of the fights between cats everything becomes peaceful and happy. That is why you should be aware that often do not have to do anything when you face fights between cats, since they themselves settle their affairs. In a way you should avoid them fight, but if you can avoid fights not prove disastrous. So there are certain steps you can take to the fights between cats do not cause much havoc. One of them is cutting his nails so delicate. This will prevent the cats to do serious damage when they occur fights between cats. Another thing you should do to avoid unnecessary fights between cats is that when you bring a new cat to go home as gradually adapting to the space where another cat previously. If the adjustment is given step by step is more likely to be no fights between cats when the cat is simply left lying on the back of the old space.


It exepct a heavenly peace coupled with sunshine and a spectacular view. We could imagine no better way to inner relaxation. The new winter garden mountain farm Irxner was completed recently. It is something the breakfast or dinner overlooking to occupy on the Dachstein Tauern region. With regard to the breakfast, as it consists of a buffet breakfast, as it is in the Styria tradition. You can enjoy home-baked bread, or extra for breakfast, eggs from the farm’s own chickens and jams made with forest fruits by wife Hoflehner even cooked. For dinner, there are strong down-to-Earth menus with other healthy products from the own farm. Wellness is capitalized in the Irxner mountain farm.

The OASIS consists of a new small but fine”relaxation area with views over the Enns valley and Finland sauna. An absolute highlight is the hotspot (Jacuzzi) it is an experience to relax special kind is. One sparkling wine in the pool, possibly sits with a glass makes the views of the beautiful landscape stripes and goes his thoughts after or pleasantly converses with his neighbors. Now it is not for everyone of course throughout the day on the balcony, to create. What can you do probably everything in this area, summer and winter? We have gone after this question time. Numerous walks are offered in the summer. The Irxner mountain farm is an ideal starting point for example, for a Rittisbergrundwanderung, you can deal with in 3-4 hours.

On any mountain of in Styria, so many attractions are available, such as on the Rittisberg in Ramsau am Dachstein. For children and adults, there are a variety of recreational activities. Summer tobogganing, swimming, hiking, fairytale trail, Summit cross, archery, cabin experience, full of action between tops swing in the forest high rope garden, and much more is possible on this mountain. Even in winter, the Irxner mountain farm is an ideal base for winter sports enthusiasts. It is located in the middle of the sports world Ski Amade with his 860 km of slopes and 270 ski lifts. That should convince even the fastest ski fan. The skier can not complain. The Rittisloipe runs right next to the mountain farm Irxner. This trail leads around the Rittisberg and past some huts which invite you to linger. There is still cleared hiking paths always the Sun along, Moonlight tobogganing, sledding, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, swimming in the indoor pool and who is still not enough, we can recommend the nightlife at the Reiteralm. Conclusion: The mountain farm Irxner has nothing more to do with a conventional farm. “It would mean not mountain farm and he would have more room could be him peace of mind as a 4-star hotel Irxner” call. All rooms are modern furnished, the friendliness of the family Irxner, almost already incredibly beautiful area make the mountain farm Irxner to the special place of tranquility, real relaxation for body, mind and soul.


Each concrete case, individual household details of life, which in normal times, no one paid attention, with tragic circumstances, retroactively become symbols of the signs. If a person dies, remember any unusual event, a natural phenomenon, the loss (during sleep or waking), prior to death: "No wonder the flower bloomed out of season", "No wonder the chicken rooster screamed," etc. The termination of earthly existence, Nonrepresentability existence beyond the grave always scare people. In the folk customs of their ancestors reflected attempts to interpret the nature of the death of inexplicability, say, the machinations of witches. Natural sense of self led to search for means to counter death, which manifested itself with particular force at the time of its approach. Hence the custom to close immediately after the death of windows, doors, mirrors the same (as a special magical means of entry) to hex is not entered the house, had no effect on the living. The imprint of Christian ideas are ideas about "good" and "bad", "difficult" and "easy" death. Seemed desirable in the past and present death in a circle of relatives and close without a long and painful illness.

How long was considered essential presence at the death of a patient's bedside relatives. This was due, firstly, the desire to get blessing for the dying later life, and secondly, the need to take steps to ease his dying agony, and help his soul in search of the path to the afterlife. According to popular belief, the last breath of man – The emission of the spirit – the soul to part with the body and there is a struggle for the soul between the "evil" force and an angel sent by God for the soul of a dying man. Agonal suffering due not severity of illness, and that dying in Last minute hurts "evil" force (the devil, the devil), she seemed not to give his angel. Trying to ease the way for the soul to God, put his hand in the dying 'gods' a candle burned incense around the incense. A good death was considered to Easter, the day of Resurrection, when, according to popular belief, open "the doors of Paradise" by analogy with the royal doors of the temple. Light's death was regarded by the people as a reward for a pious life, the difficult – as the fate of sinners. cross coffin, funeral services

Medical Literature

In medical literature, symptom is any alteration of the normal perception that a person has of its proper body, of its metabolism, its sensations, being able or not to express an illness indication. Symptoms are, frequently, confused with signals, that are perceived or measured alterations for another person, generally, for a health professional. The difference between symptom and signal is that the signal can be perceived by another person, without the story or communication of the patient; the symptom is the complaint told for the patient, but that it only obtains to perceive. Symptoms are subjective, citizens to the interpretation of the proper patient. The description of the symptoms varies enormously in function of the culture of the patient, as well as in result of the valuation that each person of to its proper perceptions. In the vision of the autogerenciamento, three .causing factors of the depressive picture exist: Organic? Chemistry? Existential ORGANIC Disequilibrium in the production of enzymes and hormones, on the part of adoecido agency, or, then, for loss of its function, which had to the aging, produces in the organism psychic alterations such as picture of depression, phobias etc. These pictures intervene with the thought, behavior and in the learning. With treatment medicamentoso is possible to reorganize the organism and the person comes back, in turn, to its normal life.

The depressive pictures, in such situation, characterize signals and symptoms of a organic illness and not of a psychic illness. The more early the medicamentoso treatment will be initiated, more quickly the depressive symptoms will disappear. CHEMICAL chemical substance Contact or ingestion (alcohol, cocaine, remedies, etc.) also produces picture of depression and phobias. In some cases, with the suspension or elimination of the .causing substance of the evil, the organism reencontra its balance and the signals and depressive symptoms revealed disappears and the life of the person if it normalizes.

MONEY WORKS – Art With Money

Curated by Nicole Loeser and Tina Sauerlander, presented by the main and WHITECONCEPTS collection with works by: Nikolaus Eberstaller, EMESS, Thorsten Goldberg, Dominique Andre Boitard grass, Manuel, grass, Julia Herfurth, Elmar Hess, Wulf Ried Hengstenberg, Norbert Hinterberger, Timo Clapper, Christin Lahr, Armin Lindauer, Chen Linggang, Marok, Philip Metz, Wolfgang Nieblich, Maria & Natalia Petschatnikov, PSJM, Stefan Rinck, Markus Schaller, Sebastian Siechold, Klaus Staeck, Philip Topolovac, Jakob Zoche money is an always prasenteres topic in the art after the numerous financial crises of recent years. Already resolved around 1970, as the Bretton-Woods system and money felt to an abstract size, artists began to deal with the importance of money, the functioning of the financial system, its winners and losers, or also with its history. In the exhibition”MONEY WORKS. ART money now current artistic positions on the topic will be presented: for example, which refers to. Artist Julia Herfurth in its work Fatma Alye on the history of the role of women in Turkey, the Viennese artist Dominique grass forms of serial numbers of banknotes weapons on his canvas, the Spanish activists and artists duo PSJM criticized the capitalist financial aspects in Europe and the United States or Nikolaus Eberstaller, created his own artist money – the honey – to represent his point of view the bipolar side of money. Curated by Nicole Loeser and Tina Sauerlander presented by the collection of main and WHITECONCEPTS courtesy of aquabit place: Gallery WHITECONCEPTS, August Street 35, 10115 Berlin exhibition opening: November 22, 2013, 19-21 run time: 23 November-1 December 2013, Monday Friday 10 am 5 pm u.n.V.

admission free presentation of the catalogue of the collection of main thirty pieces of silver – art and money on 27 November 2013 at 19:30 In the context of the exhibition MONEY WORKS. ART with money “which is recently published edition Braus published catalog collection. Home thirty pieces of silver – art and money presented. Location: King Size bar, Friedrich str. 112 b, d-10117 Berlin contact: Nicole of Lai 0177 7878578 Tina Sauerlander 0163 5104766

Opinion Cosmetologists

Aida A. Mikaelian physiotherapist beautician beauty salon "Eder Style" – Aida Aleksandrovna, please tell us what features you value in cosmetics? – The most important feature in cosmetics, I think it is hypoallergenic. Once I focus on the spectrum of problems to be solved: the wider it is, the better. In the salon, "Eder Style" I work for a long time, and I unfortunately had to meet cosmetics fairly well-known brands, such as that great saving your skin from all sorts of inflammation, in the end forced to restore it again, but from the excessive flaking and drying. Therefore, the following property, which I emphasize in cosmetic products – it's moisturizing. And fourth, what should never be forgotten – is the preservation of the epidermal barrier. Barrier to viral and bacterial particles can not break.

– What do you think, what parameters are important in assessing the professional makeup? – The brand professional cosmetics in the cosmetic market today are produced many lines. In fact, these funds are not so much. First of all, it's cosmetics must be the author. In this case, we know the person who creates the line. Second, "professionalka" operates on a deeper level than the cream in retail sales. Therefore, it is tracked from the time of production, that is, from raw materials to the moment of its use. This is very jealous of the man who makes it. He cherishes his name, so perfected all stages. Manufacturer of professional cosmetics fully responsible their products and vouches for its quality.

Cure for Haemorrhoids

Hello, wishing to be speak a little bit of my personal and professional experience about hemorrhoids and how you cure them. Because hemorrhoids, Yes can be cured without painful surgery.KNOW as click here to translate page to Spanish I’m pharmaceutical, and tired of try all kinds of ointments, creams and hunguentos that brought the pharmacy with no success for me, nor for my clients, one day I looked for solutions on the internet and discovered a product.I was looking for something desperately, because what they didn’t want was going through surgery, since I have seen how my customers suffered after surgery. Then I met him and thought why not? he had nothing to lose, since he had satisfaction guarantee and could always return it, what it cost this product I had already spent in ointments and pain relievers, and more would have to spend if I operate, and, who knows, maybe it works.So I bought it. Three days already I do not remember everything what they had suffered, and especially me I forgot happy surgery bringing me bitter. I started to recommend it to my clients at the pharmacy, and everyone agreed with me, it works. I explain a bit the hemorrhoids and disadvantages is having surgery. THAT SoN HEMORRHOIDS hemorrhoids are veins that are in the year and that, when they dilate, become variscosidades, painful and molesestas. Fortunately, today is no longer a problem as before, which could only be alleviated with drugs and cured with a very painful surgery.

TO cause the HEMORRHOID * the most important causes in hemorrhoids usually constipation and bad habits when it comes to defecate (doing too much pressure). ** The heredity also influences. ** The pregnancy in women, due to the effort to give birth. * Be a long time standing or load much weight. How to treat there are several ways to treat hemorrhoids. You can use creams antihemorroidales(no mas de 5-7 dias,porque pueden provocar mas sangrados), you can take painkillers that you just removed the pain can get cold ice packs or can operate, which is very painful. But there is now a product that is 100% natural, which cures you hemorrhoids, just 48h.sin pain and satisfaction guarantee.If you don’t do well they return you money at 60 days of purchase.Don’t have anything to lose and Yes much to gain. Can you imagine seeing you free of your hemorrhoids in so little time and without pain?TO know more than this product click here not you arrependiras I assure you.You can translate the page to Spanish.

IN what consists the surgery of the HEMORRHOIDS exist different surgical procedures.Through conventional surgery is extripan internal and external hemorrhoids. When there is no external hemorrhoids and the main symptom is prolapso(salida de las hemorroides) feasible is perform treatment with a mechanical suture, which allows reinserted and fix them so they do not return to prolapsar. POSSIBLE complications of the surgery – the post-operative is usually quite painful.

Suburban Design

Ornamental plants – is largely what is required for registration of parks, squares and gardens, as well as industrial and residential areas. In the latter case they are also called houseplants. As part of an extensive word 'ornamentals' even includes the so-called aquatic plants that make up the entire ecosystem. Ornamental plants in general and decorative-deciduous plants such as the need for men to meet natural aesthetic needs for beauty. Currently the market is available the widest selection of plants: Plants and ampelnye, pine trees and cactuses. You can easily get everything you need to create harmony in the interior. Modern decorative plants are an exact replica of natural botanical plants.

Growing plants and are engaged in wholesale of nurseries, which provide the following Services: pets and ornamental plants for sale and cultivation. Planting material and seedlings used in this case met all the requirements of environmental safety and eu standards. All large-sized to work on the landscaping in most cases are contained in special nurseries, which significantly reduces the percentage of marriages in the future. To engage in gardening can not only specialists: any inhabitant of a country station in the state on its own bring to life a beautiful delicate landscape in her villa, even if it's only 6 ares. To do this, there are landscape design courses or the school gardeners. Having such a training program, anyone can easily create an attractive design project of your site and get an idea about the volume of all required to implement it works. The curriculum includes a course on landscape design, and lectures on Soil and Land Reclamation, paving materials and water bodies, agricultural technology and the creation of forms – in short, everything required for a specialist in gardening, both theoretical and practical disciplines, which will allow homo sapiens'u little familiar with the landscape design, most realize its 'Garden dream'.

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