More Love

I passed my entire life in the way of the war love or hatred! The times the love was successful, More the hatred fought as much that obtained to transform the family into sand grains that if undo in the desert each grain and add one by one, Obtained to transform smile into tears, tricks in fight, union in disharmony, Hunger in desespero.saude in the illness, and purest of the feelings that were the love if it undid and it was transforming to each day and hours into a so great sadness that the great warrior did not support pains and was deep the empty call where today nor love and hatred inhabits this heart, Trying to join sand grains in a great desert that mission was and always it will be impossible, Those grains when I came close myself if I joined to equal others a thousand it and disappeared as a sand storm who undid a bow never more perpetual and if he gathers to the others, Thus with the lost battle I collect my weapons and I deliver to my commander delivering part of a fight impossible to be successful, I come back to the tired to fight, tired jib of as much suffering, Thus what he was to be together forever, will be desunidos and hated always! Difficult to construct, easy to undo, difficult family to understand attitudes of others as others had never understood you also! The word strong castle did not function pulled down everything turning a great dust!

Sigmund Freud

I thank the God, for the wonderful support that always gave to me mainly at the moments most difficult of my existence. Prezada sister, comovido I meet in bringing my memories, the Divine step thus determined. At this moment of light, I hug you as old, in a well distant past, to bring my inspired words of truth in the love. Passing for the terrestrial sphere, I had a special mission, to unmask the mysteries of the soul.

I understood the fact partially, as doctor, considered it to work with the souls human beings, however the existence of the worlds was unaware of spirituals. It felt really something inexplicable, above of my control. But the Master, so caritativo and benevolent, understood my deceit, in the simple flesh-color condition, I could not catch the messages of skies, and Jesus sent its friends to touch my heart and to show to me responsibility to it. Of far he felt some thing to speak to me, and how many times I had fear of being victim of the proper illness that he looked to cure. My friends, did not understand my not so perfect, but worthy fight, how many in my name they deturparam my theory, of an initiation. It opens the door for the understanding of the study of the soul in three-dimensional extension of the man, inside and outside of the substance, even so I has analyzed the existencial moment, while substance. How many days of agony, she felt to disfigure me and he remained been silent, using the times, drugs to alliviate pain. Oh! Celestial father! As I attacked the nature, in the pure flesh-color condition, ‘ ‘ The Father of the Psicanlise’ ‘ , it was an annihilator of the proper perisprito. Then he recognized that it was the pain of the birth, I felt that it was not the end, but the ressurgimento of a new stage of my evolution.


In the quarter of the Acclimatization, good next to the center to the city, liveed a young called youngster Rodrigo, who although to little age, with its nineteen years already had passed for bad pieces in elapsing of its life. Rodrigo lived alone, a time that had lost its mother has little time with a problem in the heart and in a certain occasion, it finished knowing Helena, also alone young. Little time later, together, had decided to mark marriage. Perhaps for the two it was the only way to decide the solitude where if they found. However, in the day of the marriage, Helena it had a collapse and she was loaded to pressas for a hospital. The marriage had that to be postponed and as cause of the collapse was diagnosised a problem in the heart. From this day its lives if had transformed and started to live more inside of the hospitals of what in its house. Helena finished being treated for the Dr.

Alfredo Noronha, who, when diagnosising its problem, disclosed not to have more nothing to be fact, seno a heart transplant, that stops the time, perhaps was impossible. Something was very bold and alone it could be made by means of the authorization of some of the familiar ones. As Rodrigo she was the only person who it had and this would be the only way to try to save its life, signed the authorization. Rodrigo it suffered with everything what it was happening and it seemed that to that it pursued it illness, but still had hopes to save the life of its future wife. Time lived during much in solitude and when it believed that it could be happy, came the illness and there a tremendous fight in favor of the life and of the love was initiated.


Letter, email, school, etc. when they arrive as an avalanche, surpass our capacity of efficient setting. This memorization difficulty has to see estresse with it that in short term, until aid our brain to act more readily to the stimulatons, already in long stated period, the consuming surpasses the efficiency. Research shows that in about 30 minutes, the hormones estresse of it (adrenalin and cortisone) disactivate the molecules that carry glucose to hipocampo, leaving it with little energy. After long periods, the hormones estresse of it compromise the linkings between neurons and make hipocampo to reduce to the maximum its action. ALTERATION OF the Hipermnsia MEMORY the Hipermnsia occurs when causal souvenirs are evoked with more exactness that normally, or when it remembers particularitities that do not occur in the conscience. The Hipermnsia can be observed in the fever case toxi-infectious, in these cases can appear old souvenirs. With hipntica stimulation, they appear memory of very complicated particularitities, that are revividas.

In the Hipermnsia increase does not exist of memory, but a bigger easiness of souvenir of the mnmicos elements, or still, affective load experiences strong. The Hipermnsia is a curious phenomenon, being able to occur in it, souvenirs that happen in states that precede the death or when the person is in a threatening situation. In psychiatric literature it has references of cases that the person remembers, in few instants, of all the events of its life with clarity. Hipomnsia and Amnsia the Hipomnsia and the Amnesia are the reduction number of it of souvenirs. The Amnesia is the complete disappearence of the corresponding mnmicas representations to an individual. In the Hipomnsia the disappearance of the memory does not need to be complete, having you vary graduations between the nothing and the incomplete souvenir. Four varieties of Amnesia exist: First – when no event reaches the conscience will not be possible some production.

Second – the understanding is verified to be possible during some time, to put Amnesias extremely accented, of psicognica origin. In these cases, the solution is obtained by means of hypnosis. Partial Amnesias exist, happen the disappearance of some souvenirs, not of all, caused cerebral trauma or poisoning after. When the individual if limits the certain events, but it continues remembering other facts of the same time. This call of Catatmica Amnesia. In the depressive states, the psychic functions are disturbed. The symptoms that if detach are, vital sadness, distress and the inhibition of the psicomotilidade. To the side of these symptoms. The patients if complain of psychic impotence hinders that them to carry through its tasks, reduction of the capacity of> concentration and weakness of the will. In the majority of the cases, the sick people disclose reduction of global the voluntary activity, beyond the mnmica activity.

The Patient

However, in the case of some tumors, the majority of the patients already presents metstatica illness at the moment of the diagnosis. In the evaluation of a surgery of great transport for patient determined one, it is important to evaluate the relation risk, benefits of the procedure I contest in it of the general health of the patient, the extension of the tumor and the probability of that the tumor can completely be removed, the type of necessary anesthesia and the experience of the team that also must take consideration. As advance in such a way in the x-ray how much in the chemotherapy, the necessity dede a radical surgery diminishes. However, the surgery continues to be a primary boarding of the biggest importance in the curativa therapy of the cancer (AUSIELLO, 2005). The breast cancer occurs in any point of the breast, however the majority is found in the external superior quadrant, where if it locates most of the fabric mammary. In general the injuries are painless, instead of painful; it fixes instead of you move; induradas with irregular edges, instead of encapsulated and smooth (SMELTZER; BARE, 2005). With regard to the surgical treatment for Smeltzer; Bare, (2005), discloses that the main goal of the surgical treatment is to eradicate the presence of the evasivo cancer of breast is the mastectomia, with or without reconstruction and the surgery of conservation of the agreed breast to the x-ray.

On the basis of the studies of Smeltzer; Bare, (2005), cares after – operatrios of the patient who if submits the surgery of the cancer of breast as well as any another surgery, the immediate focus is the recovery of the general anesthesia and treatment pain. Moreover, the patient who suffered the surgery from the breast can try the effect physical and psychological. The possible ones, complications accumulate include it of blood, hematoma besiege in it of incision, infection and accumulate delayed of serossanguinolento liquid, and seroma after the drain.

Good Plastic Surgeon

It is important to choose a good plastic surgeon Certainly often we have listened to say that the procedures in which the aesthetic surgeries are realised, plastic and repairing are very safe. This is very certain, since most of the cases finish with result truly successful. But also we must consider that the plastic surgeries are safe if it realises a qualified doctor for what task, that is to say a professional surgeon. Of this form we can be calm knowing that the operation will be realised under all the cares and necessary details. To find a good surgeon plastic is the responsibility of the patient. Many people do not pay attention to him to this subject and the truth that is something fundamental as much for the results of the surgery like for our security. She thinks that you hand over of a person whom she must be preparation to take ahead the operations of aesthetic very well.

For that reason she is that it is work yours finding out all the characteristics of your surgeon and to decide if you want someterte to an intervention surgical realised by. Another point that is due to consider is that an aesthetic surgeon is not the same who a face plastic surgeon. The face of a person is much more delicate who its body, for that reason the professional who is going to work it must have much qualification and experience in the subject. One is due to verify that it has finished and approved the otorrinolaringologa studies and has specialized in surgery of head and neck. Many people make sure that the surgeon with whom they are going away to deal, has the certification of the advice, once seen that document already they are satisfied and they remain safe of the capacity of the doctor. But the truth that this is not thus, in several cases that document does not mean that the person totally is prepared as to realise a face surgery (although he is not the same to eliminate the wrinkles with lifting that with a filling like the Radiesse).

Nursing Professionals

The professional of the nursing participates as integrant of the society and the actions that they aim at to satisfy to the necessities of the population. The lack of comprometimento of the professionals with the ethics is today the main desencadeante factor of illness in such a way in the health professionals, how much in the population in general. For Cohen and Segre (2002), the professional of the health area has responsibilities for obtains exactly, stops with the patient and stops with third (stops with the society, even stops with the profession and it stops with proper environment) 4. According to Reich (1995) apud Sbaraini (2006), biotica is the systematic study of the moral dimensions? including vision, decisions, behavior and politics moral? of sciences of the life and attention to the health, using a variety of ethical methodologies in a scene to interdisciplinar 5. Professional ethics and the nursing the practical one of the health professionals, in the hospital scope, come desumanizando front to the attention to the illness, and not to the sick being. To recognize and to promote the humanizao, to the light of ethical consideraes, demand an effort to review, mainly, attitudes and behaviors of the involved professionals direct or indirectly in the care of the patient, what also it is taken root in the Code of Ethics of the Professionals of Enfermagem (CEPE), evidencing that the professional codes of ethics, while expression of systems of values, explicitam the morality of a group, estimating the imposition of these values, and not it its questioning 6.

Temporomandibular Disorder Signs And Symptoms

Disorder to temporomandibular: signs and symptoms What is the alteration of ATM? The alteration of the joint to temporomandibular (ATM), happens when the hinge that connects maxilar superior and the jaw inferior does not work correctly. This hinge is one of the most complex joints of the body, is responsible abrir and to move the jaw inferior forwards, back and of side to side. All the problems that prevent the normal work of this complex muscle system, ligaments, discs and bones, are grouped under the denomination of alteration of ATM. Frequently, the alteration of ATM feels as if the jaw jumped or roared or was obstructed by seconds. Often, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of that lack of alignment.

Which are the symptoms of the alteration of ATM? The alterations of the ATM present/display several symptoms and signals. It is difficult to know with certainty if one suffers of alterations of ATM or no, because their symptoms also are indicating of other problems. Its odontologist it will emit the correct diagnosis by means of its clinical history and odontological it completes, the clinical examination and the taking of appropriate x-rays. Some of the symptoms of alteration of more common ATM are the following: Dolores of head (frequently similar to migraas), pain ears, and pain and pressure below the eyes. Chasquido or tronido when abrir or to close the mouth. Pain caused by I yawn, when abrir the mouth widely or chewing? Jaws that ” traban” , they are closed or they leave the place. Painful annoyances in muscles of the jaw.

A sudden change in the way in which the teeth superiors and inferiors fit some on others. How is the alteration ATM? Although there is no a unique cure for the alteration of ATM, there are different treatments to follow that they reduce the symptoms in significant form. Its odontologist can recommend one to him or more of the following suggestions: It tries to eliminate the muscular spasm and the pain being applied humid heat or taking medecines miorelajantes, anti-inflammatory aspirins or other analgesic of free sale or drugs. It uses an apparatus, sometimes denominated plate of bitten or small board, to reduce the harmful effects to tighten the teeth excessively and to squeak them. Fact to size for its mouth, the apparatus slides on the teeth superiors and avoids the squeaked one against the inferiors. It learns relaxation techniques to help it to control the muscular tension on the jaw. Its odontologist can suggest the consultation to him with some specialist to eliminate stress. When the mandibular joints are affected and the other treatments have not been able to solve the conflict, the surgery is recommended.

Stylish Bathroom Furniture

Today will not be able to challenge the necessity of selection of modern and quality equipment for the bathroom. Every landlord is aware that modern equipment – a substantial contribution to the comfort Real Estate, comfort of life and considerable savings. And if in terms of simple convenience, everything is clear, the financial part of the goods and products for bathrooms receives every year more and more weight. It is no secret that thoughtful design of any room allows for convenient and easy to put all the necessary equipment and furnishings in a small space. But there is still time save money. The rise of utility bills will be require competent approach not only to the organization of space, but apart from that and most technologically advanced solutions for installation of equipment.

Modern mixers provide an opportunity to control the water flow and not allow leaks. Accordingly, the savings obtained a significant – and for the contribution of utility bills, and there is no need for emergency repair work related to aging or poor level of quality products. However, professionals have learned that often the problem, for example, a machine for washing can be related to improper organization of the room. And optimally selected furnishings for the bathroom, not only do bathroom is very comfortable and attractive, but still comfortable. Therefore, to buy furniture for the bathroom – a moment that requires a very reasonable approach, because the modern citizen wishes to create their own reality rather comfortable and at the same time think of all expenses in detail. Looking for furniture and bathroom equipment, will be the criteria of attractiveness and comfort. Naturally, in any bathroom is amazing look natural whitish hue.

Therefore, we must take a decision that would have been stylishly and harmoniously to the existing interior and at the same time so technologically to produce their functions and maintain a modern look for many years. In addition to items of furniture in each bathroom weighty design solution can be regarded as a mirror. Mirrors on the form of increased initially relatively small bathroom, make it much lighter. Special solution for bathroom cabinets with reinforced mirrors can give a room the beauty and brightness. Also elite bathroom design is easy to improve your mood, give a chance to rest on completion workday and in general feel as well.

The Birth Chart

Who can create a birth chart for the first time that it was an astrologer, or – less desirable – a written computer horoscope, which will probably be amazed: It is the exact birth time is required, which is recorded at the registry of birth place. Astrology and horoscopes perhaps less a “precise science” And what exactly is the decisive moment to take a birth chart The operative time for a birth chart is the first independent breath of new-to-earth citizen, because then he or she is a physically separate beings, with independent blood circulation and breathing. The normal hitherto hole in the cardiac septum begins to close. Most of the time in hospital is not stated exactly in this moment, so that the birth time is for a birth chart minimally false. The time-sensitive astrological houses continue to wander around all axes of two minutes just a degree, so that gets over a lack of precision can be of perhaps two to three minutes in the birth chart. Unless theHouses axes, especially the ascendant, is located just at the transition from one zodiac to another. In such a case – usually unreliable permanent – astrological birth time correction is made, or simply find out by interviewing the client, in which the zodiac sign of the ascendant in the birth chart should be. Or both, which is very time consuming.

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