Orthopedic Surgery

All these breeding and selection work were performed by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, surgeon, Professor of the University of Cordoba for many years until his death in 1957 and Director of Orthopedic Surgery of the Hospital military of Cordoba, i.e. that experienced under scientific control. Throughout this long experimentation has been done in the course of many years and always choosing the specimens that were more adapted to the standard of the breed standard that was forged by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez in 1928, appeared at the N of the year 1947 magazine Diana, which is adopted by the Argentine Dogo breeders club and to the present accompanying. At the same time carried out these infusions of new flows of blood in the Dogo Argentino, was subjecting to an intense functional gymnastics and appropriate, making them to hunt continuously in our mountains, both North of the Centre and South of the Republic, treating that hunt in Pack of hounds, it was losing the instinct of fight between Yes, innate in the common trunk, which was the old Cordoba fighting dog, and developing its campero instinct. At the same time, by means of continuous struggles from generation to generation with boars, pumas, foxes, cats of the mount, etc., that for such purposes we have maintained and maintain enjaulas appropriate, have succeeded in developing in the Dogo Argentino, a very powerful instinct against our large predators of the agro, especially the puma and the boar, the collared peccary and eventually the jaguar, which makes the current Argentine Dogo an instinctive Hunter for those species that seekschases and tackles with extraordinary enthusiasm and atavistic passion.