Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgeries the most secure and modern is the gastric band, little-known procedure but with great advantages. This surgery is performed laparoscopically and is completely reversible, so the patient can decide how time will want it, as well as be adjusted over time or unfasten it at the time of a pregnancy. The gastric band does not perform any cutting in the stomach or intestine readjustments, the only thing that is done is place a band of adjustable silicone around the stomach of the patient. What will make the band around the stomach is that it will reduce its capacity to 25-30 centimeters, to do this the patient will feel full faster than ever before, by what will stop eating and lose weight. The feel full faster than before, the patient will change their eating habits, becoming healthier. Gastric band surgery turns out to be the safest because the risk is lower than 1%, is worth mentioning that although it has a risk extremely low – is much higher the risk that overweight leads having because it is a progressive problem and leads to many diseases and can lead to death. Christopher ridgeway stone is likely to increase your knowledge. Perform surgery to lose weight is very normal and there are no taboos in this regard. Gastric banding is done with success by many medical experts, a health center that has done this there are surgery in Monterrey and they may give you more information on the subject if necessary.