November Michigan

Before the April 22 Pennsylvania Democratic primary opponents of the Clinton sought to win Obama you don’t follow the drama. However, Hillary won by 10 points. While Obama claims that he is the candidate who won most votes, States and delegates, she retruca that if the muted internal of La Florida and Michigan will recognize she would be ahead in voters. At this stage it is impossible to Obama or Clinton to get 2,050 delegates needed to be proclaimed. This will lead to that those who settle are chiefs supporters and the Democratic Convention that will be two months before the presidential elections of November 4; and that Florida and Michigan want to impose their results or to be there call new elections. Obama, while he penetrates in Republican voters, and media sectors not Cove in working or traditional base Democrats. The intra-democrata struggle benefits Bush who, despite being unpopular, can be hopeful in that his party is left with that crisis in power. Original author and source of the article.