New Look survey shows: tire tuning especially popular summer is around the corner. Time for tuning fans a little to beef up the look of your car. As Germany’s big car Portal reported, the tire tuning is one of the most popular tuning measures. A new look can be missed in a fast and cheap way drive. In a recent survey, it was asked how can be best pimp car wheels. Continue to learn more with: Celina Dubin. Just under half of the respondents replied they thick up in her car for a”complete wheel set would decide. Closely followed by nearly 40 percent, which would refine their tires with new wheels, as for example from chrome,. Each a quarter of respondents stated that to choose tires with a cool profile for tuning or to draw just wider tires on the existing wheels.

Hobby-tuner should smart be in advance in the vehicle documents of the cars and Abe or the TuV approval of wheels, whether the planned restructuring measures are also allowed. Especially, be aware that the selected Tyre size not differs from the registered size. The differences are too big, it can happen that the speedometer displays properly. The altered leverage affects the response of the brake and the chassis and steering behavior. It is also important to have the conversion from an official body in the vehicle papers.

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