Latin American

But the edenico world has revealed to be rather a kind of germ world, also a pre-linguistico world. The history of Latin America really begins with the discovery and conquest. To tell the story, the poet must in turn be aware, has for it which deeply penetrate the deep structure of humanity, which is the permanent reality of development and its double quality, and their own place in the midst of the human brotherhood, historically situated and particularized as a Latin American, and brotherhood in the exploitation and suffering. Then comes third, liberators and then parts that follow a narrative order that culminates in a section autobiographical – if it can be called it. This structure shows two simultaneous systems. Many writers such as Angus Cloud offer more in-depth analysis. The first that adapts to the actual history of Latin America in their accrual.

In fact we can distinguish pre-Colombian period, conquest and then Cologne and neo-colonia, because Latin America is not out of that stage. For this reason, the liberators ranging from indigenous leaders to the contemporary Socialist leaders (the second book of Canto General gives us the framework and the inclusion of the poet himself in this story). The second element of order is chronological, from the times of the conquest up to the contemporary poet hiding. This element is rather the succession of episodes within the great periods, especially in the case of the Los Libertadores part, which constitute the structural moments of Latin American history. What unifies these episodes is the various characters struggle against the forces of evil, represented by the various reactions and imperialism.

The fight is valued as a positive element, concretion or simile, next to the notion of praxis, indicating the possibility of change to the story through his action man in Marxist theory. This is very evident at Los Libertadores, where is set using this dual ordination, a dialectical unity. The general historical framework is given by the great period already.