LASIK Surgery

The lasers from the eye is becoming more popular. Many of the health tourist travel for your LASIK surgery in Turkey. More and more health tourists to Turkey drive for a LASIK surgery. The reason is easy to understand. The price for LASIK surgery in Turkey is much more attractive than for an equivalent medical treatment at home in Germany. The LASIK surgery in Turkey is organized generally by agencies, caring the patients from A to Z.

Therefore, always have a german speaking contact to the side is the LASIK patients in Turkey. There is no understanding problems therefore. The technological equipment of the eye clinics in Turkey is very up to date. The physicians practicing in Turkey in the field of refractive surgery are very well qualified and have a vast wealth of experience. Measured in the number of LASIK operations carried out by the doctors, the Turkish doctors are ahead of the German colleagues even something.

The LASIK surgery in Turkey is an outpatient Operation. For the patient, it is not necessary to spend the night in the hospital. On the day of the surgery, the patient appears generally with his supervisor of his agency in the clinic. In the first round be carried out extensive preliminary investigations. This includes for example the corneal topography, which in detail provides information about the thickness and curvature of the cornea. An important prerequisite for a LASIK surgery in Turkey is a sufficient thickness of the cornea. In addition, the pupil diameter is examined. Also the wave front analysis with the Aberrometer is an important part of the preliminary investigation in the context of the LASIK treatment. The Wavefront analysis is used to identify the so-called vision of higher-order, resulting in Visual symptoms such as glare, halos and star bursts. If the expression of the vision of higher order is significantly high, the Wavefront LASIK must be carried out under circumstances.