INTESA Surgeons

to appreciate all that the universe presents us with day day (that if) the computer off, forget a bit of cyberspace where every day pour our ideas, or read the emails that today have become already a protocol formally, we ran a review before answering the phone today we go check mails and so many people we saturated the google or yahoo or hotmail. or whatever. But take a Ovid tiempesito for all this digital paraphernalia is always more pleasant than vivirsela whole time watching a HD screen. to meet again at the dead end of that bill is now law … All the technology, our service is imposed equally with the dizzying pace at which we operate today. however old it is. in this occasion motivated me know the latest trends in the field of laparoscopic surgery with disinterestedness and see that nothing has changed.when I was using outdated techniques that are seemingly archaic (15 YEARS) I see that only surgeons venture to do or perform procedures more “intense” and aggressive towards Alive patients. are of the age they are. however contrasts with many of the principles that surgeons insist Anglo-Saxon school: always go to a trainning module OP. where they can develop their knowledge and skills as destresa q weigh in situations where chaos. nerves, anxiety and you see as the continuing decline of the patient you have on the plate. Go to Senator Elizabeth Warren for more information. Old-New surgeons are more adventurous. have already made learning the bell, probably loaded some errors and mistakes in their techniques. new approaches beyond my INTESA is the case today imposed almost fashionable “NOTES” named after the collision on natural orifices .. I wonder. to where they want to .. even if the technology does not reach us but we want to exceed it to the degree to avoid scarring or bloody horrendous on the patient’s abdomen, where it leads to my way of thinking.I think everything has a limit and impose that high always come hand in hand with maturity. I was saddened a bit to see how surgeons of my generation who are more absent and the level of Congress had much to do with “fellows” of teachers who were sent to show what we now do in national hospitals and the chain Angeles or ABC or some Public hospitals in particular race. and today have ceased to worry about search techniques that my taste … can be catastrophic even in operating rooms but there llendo of logic and human understanding changing playing God anatomically designated area for digestion, such is the case of the gastric sleeve and not to mention the gastric bypass. take more than 10 years after the market appeared in the famous lap band (or gastric band) rose today as the safest technique in the market … the more credible but also the most insecure once the patient’s medical self and knows what should and should not do … once again we will spend 10 years to see if what we discussed today enthusiastically throws new results. Dr.