Hello Dear Amigo I again, Navarrese Manuel are Once again I ask to you What as much you want to improve your life? You think that you can improve? I am here for decirte that yes is possible, I am going to share with you three steps that you can apply for encaminarte to a constant improvement Personally I have applied these steps and the huge results have been Ready! Step 1: Conscious of who you are To be conscious of who you are is important, helps you that is to say in which point these and to that point you want to arrive, this is the beginning of everything, you must know as they are your limits and when you can go aya of them more. For conocerte better you can respond to the following questions: **Who I am? That is to say, as you define more aya of your name **How I am? **Who I want to be? ** How I can be the one who I want to be? The answer to these questions will give one better perspective you of same you. Step 2: To take constant action Only when you take action it is that you will be able to have results. The point in which you are today is the result of your actions in the past. Always these taking action, now, it is necessary to cause that the actions are the correct ones. Who you said that you want to be? How you must act to obtain it? It begins to take action from that way. The well focused constant action and will give the wished results you.

** Haz one lists with all the possible actions that you can realise for convertirte in that you want to be Step 3: It improves the form in which you feel The form in which you feel determines the quality of the actions that you undertake and therefore they define the results. Whenever you undertake an action hazlo sintindote of the best way, it undergoes pleasant emotions constantly and it avoids those that make you feel badly. This it is a very extensive subject and it is important that you become qualified in it. It analyzes these three passages to depth and llvalo to practices . Original author and source of the article.