How To Treat Hemorrhoids External

It is very safe to feel uncomfortable and tiring that can be hemorrhoids if you’ve had the opportunity to suffer from them; people that suffer from mixed hemorrhoids, i.e. that they have internal and external hemorrhoids, have come to the conclusion that the external ones are those that more freedom steal them to make their different activities, are the most dangerous to suffer certain damage by being exposed, and by taking a poor posture pain deepens. Why cases external hemorrhoids most of them that brought more danger than internal ones, also due to their size, these are more elongated. By desperation questions you: how to treat external hemorrhoids, stop suffering, I will give you a help to your question: the most compelling treatment for hemorrhoids is the use of Vaseline, provides a great relief and avoids that they continue to suffer injuries to avoid contact by lubrication. It is important to know that it does not cure hemorrhoids, but by a small investment will forget this problem temporarily.

A drug that is used to treat external hemorrhoids, which manages to shrink the blood vessels and reduce irritation is phenylephrine, this ointment its main mechanism of action is vasoconstriction. Frequent application is required to obtain improvements, and does not go in reverse. The people more likely to suffer from external hemorrhoids are pregnant women who do little physical exercise, and drift is much cravings by eating junk food, main cause of obtaining a low fiber diet. We must change our way of life and not get carried away by our pleasures to avoid making these actions, otherwise exposed to worsen their injuries because this is one of the moments where the hemorrhoid attack, and if we do not act immediately you can reach to the end that they are irreversible, taking as the only solution to the surgery.