HBO Equipment

The experts agreed that the gas-air mixture to homogeneity benzovozdushnuyu superior, and therefore it burns more slowly. That was why a crank mechanism soon wear is not threatened. As part of the gas is not no lead, no sulfur, which also positively affects the wear of parts. What pushes overhaul of the engine. Gas is not affected so negatively on the environment, as gasoline. The conclusion is obvious: the gas is not worse than gasoline, and in some ways and better. Well-known fact that HBO generation are different. If you would like to know more about James A. Levine, M.D., then click here. However, when all of this, we note that this classification has no official status.

Installers and owners of the same machines unanimously believe that it is more convenient. Gas for auto exists in several versions: as compressed – and methane in the form of liquefied natural gas – propane and butane. Low cost of methane is reduced to 'no' to his large volumes, and hence the weight. As a result, the effective area of the trunk becomes less noticeable. Besides methane equipment more expensive.

Propane and butane – is gas produced from oil. His liquefies, which is stored under pressure and 16 atm. HBO includes such components as: multivalve, mixer, cylinders, switches, solenoid, gear '_mce_rel =' nofollow 'onclick =' javascript: _gaq.push ('_trackPageview', '/ outgoing/article_exit_link/4080711');' href =''> reducer'> '> gearbox HBO. Gas equipment in need of maintenance. Masters are advised after 10 000 kilometers to attend workshop. During the appropriate maintenance gear will be released from the condensate, all the nodes on the outside cleaned up, checked connections, made adjustment after 20 000 km in this work are added to the cleaning of the gas valve replacement filters. Somebody gas precarious. And sometimes the reasons are totally baseless. One of those reasons – gas is not safe. But more dangerous is it, rather than gasoline? Both of them are flammable. Because it is auto ignite may, on both petrol and on gas. In each case, the premise of the explosion may be delayed pass MOT. In other words, if you'll spend time checking all is well. In addition, it must be said that production of the fuel tank using a thin material, and gas cylinders made from thick. Also, gasoline is the most flammable than propane and butane. Whoever made the decision to install gas equipment can be take one of two choices: put it on their own or entrust it to the same masters. It should be noted, the installation of HBO with their own hands – something real. But at the end of the installation will need to run through appropriate authorities as required more testing equipment, and more in the future and will be repaired HBO with their own hands. In the event that you contact the appropriate company, you can avoid all this. The first merit similar treatment is free of charge warranty repairs (if necessary), and secondly, these firms have a license, which frees you from having to inspect gas equipment.