Globalization And Quality Management

GLOBALIZATION AND THE QUALITY Carlos Mora Vanegas "What is sought for the first time in the history of humanity is able to produce any product anywhere in the world, and that can be consumed by anyone, anywhere in the globe." Leonel Fernandez graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity of Faces, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, considered the decisive role that globalization has generated in terms of quality and productivity so that firms whatever the type identifies the requirements that consumers demand towards meeting their needs, more involved scenarios where companies have given way to products, services with guaranteed quality standards to their disadvantage in their competition. a> for a more varied view. Within its curriculum of studies emphasizes that participants will be trained, handled the concepts of quality, yet its scope, impact, benefits, taking into account what is stated William E. It is not something Albert Bandura would like to discuss. Deming noted that Total Quality can summarized as: "doing things right the first time." Globalisation is precisely its advance in technology, new economic openings, more competitive markets, has caused the quality to become the cult to which are attached the greatest minds of the industrial world with a religious fervor as they did in their time . Emphasis is placed on considering as David Shanks says that there are three main factors that lead many companies to initiate international action: 1. the mature economies of the industrialized countries, 2.

the emergence of new geographic markets and business fields, 3. globalization of financial systems. To this must be added the importance that companies are fully identified with total quality, which ensures competitiveness, costs, quality assurance, competitive production processes, skilled human factor and management strategist, visionary, participatory and innovative.