Gives Me A Drop Of Perfume Beauty?

How do I become beautiful? How do I stay nice? Casanova once went for a walk with a friend in Venice. Swarmed by offers, Mayo Clinic is currently assessing future choices. The friend asked him how he does it, that very many women, aristocrats such as citizens, smiled at him. Casanova: It’s very simple: I first look at the woman with a smiling face, the woman realizes that I find pleasure in you I bow before her, barely noticeable. The woman realizes that a man, a not unsightly (as he added in humility) finds pleasure in their beauty, and that pleased her so much that she smiles back. But, the friend: many of these women are not nice! Casanova: In the moment in which a man takes a shine to the woman, the woman is beautiful! Is that not so? I personally think so. And because there is hardly Casanovas, which decorate the women through her smile, you should do something as a woman myself for the exterior. (Run open doors for me: of course this applies to some extent also the) Man!) A necessary transformation isn’t naturally in a few days.

But in a few days you can do a lot. My son said to me: even a marathon begins with the first step! It is trite, but it’s true. So take the first step. The first step, I mean, is not applying lipstick or to go to the hairdresser. The first step is: think! How can I change my appearance? A guide: go on retreat, not in a monastery, but E.g. in a wellness hotel.

Indulge yourself there. And I don’t mean as a beauty spa also this pampering weekend. But I mean thinking in such pleasant surroundings. Thinking about yourself, wondering who am I, really, where I am in my social environment, what do I, what am I, look in the mirror, like to, please I (still) my partner? What do you change immediately? Is this subject? Do you have a grumpy face? You find fault out at all? Are you dissatisfied with himself? I think I have now addressed the crux.