German Shepherd

Thanks to the crosses and genetic modifications that have been made over generations of these dogs, they have finally come to inherit this disease, by what is a congenital disorder (or birth) that despite not being exclusive of this breed of dog, usually occur more frequently than in others, in addition to become in recent times in the breed more dogs respondentIt turns out it is very common to hear that they suffer from this condition. Unfortunately this disease is progressive, meaning that far from diminishing the pain caused by the same, tend always to be more marked: affects the hip joint bringing with it upheavals in various functions such as walking well. Further details can be found at McDougall Program, an internet resource. To ensure an acceptable quality of life, the dogs were made numerous researches, which while they have failed to eradicate the problem, have provided some options for this disease. One of these is medical treatment, which in addition to using drugs to make the pain less severe, involves constant specific exercises, although somewhat more advanced, can undergo surgical treatment, which can relieve all pain or repair the damage that has already caused: through this surgery the tendon of the pectineus muscle is cut so the surgeon can lean on the femur and reduce pain. Although this procedure is carried out in dogs already quite affected by this ailment, there is already quite damaged dogs as not work – mostly very old-, which proceeds to impersonate the damaged by a total prosthesis of hip bone which means that it will be much more painful, and will reduce the quality of life of the canine, so it is recommended then take care of dogs of this breed especially from puppies to not have to resort to these painful procedures.