Final Solution

The gastric bypass may be an appropriate treatment for obesity in adolescents, but only in those with overweight sever, and ready to make a commitment of life to change their eating habits.The gastric bypass is recommended as a last option to treat obesity, both adults and adolescents, after you have tried to lose weight with all other methods, without success. The dangers and benefits of gastric bypass are almost the same for young people than for adults. But since long-term success depends on changes in behavior and Anatomy, the study suggests some guidelines to detect candidates which excluded adolescents with signs that treatment may not have success. In general, according to the study, surgery should be restricted to children over 13 years and with severe obesity problems, and also have health problems associated with being overweight. Even in those cases, surgery should be delayed until they reach 95% of its height expected as adults and when has been widely tried other options to reduce weight. In fact the gastric bypass is not only to treat obesity.

Many health professionals would consider it only for those people that they have failed to lose weight with other treatments and those who are at great risk of developing other health due to their weight problems. This surgery is generally considered when the BMI is 40 or higher or when you have serious conditions such as diabetes. The majority of people who practiced a gastric by-pass surgery begin to lose weight very quickly and continue to lose him for 12 months. All surgeries have risks and it is important for you and your health professional discuss treatment choices to decide which is best for your situation. Gastric bypass surgery is important and should be in the hands of specialized surgeons to carry it out.