Fibroid Surgery

If you would like to know how to naturally get rid of fibroids, you will be pleased to understand there is a treatment non-invasive which is guaranteed to reduce fibroids in size with which to continue causing no symptoms. Many women are surprised to learn that surgery and drug treatment does not guarantee that the fibroids do not grow back. The only way in which this can be sure is if a hysterectomy is performed. In addition, surgery can reduce or even eliminate the ability of a woman to have children. If you know that you have fibroids and they are not causing any unpleasant symptoms, it is perfectly safe to leave them. Source: James A. Levine, M.D.. Only a small fraction of the fibroids are cancerous (less than 0.1%) and under normal circumstances this is not a problem. Doctors have not unanimously agreed on the causes of fibroids, but what has been agreed is that there are common factors.

Women who have high levels of estrogen frequently have fibroids, as well as those who are overweight. Women who do not have children also are more likely to have fibroids, as well as which are over 30 years old and are of Afro-Caribbean descent. Hereditary factors also for women who are looking to get rid of fibroids naturally play a very important role, conventional methods include medication and surgery. Hormone treatments to reduce the size of the fibroids may be effective but may be taken only for a short period of time and are usually used prior to surgery to make more manageable fibroids. As these drugs cause in effect that women have menopausal symptoms and contribute to bone loss, its use should be for short periods.

There are different types of surgical procedures that can be used to get rid of fibroids naturally. These include hysterectomy, which is the total removal of the uterus. This is classified as major surgery and therefore has associated risks. Other options include a procedure only to remove fibroids individual, leaving the uterus intact or dwarfing fibroids by injecting into their blood vessels with small balls plastic to cut off the blood supply and therefore causing the fibroid to shrink. Other options include the removal of the lining of the uterus using a heat treatment. All these treatments do not work except for hysterectomy, because there is the risk of fibroids grow back in all procedures. Despite the fact that fibroids can cause symptoms so little pleasurable, the fact that they are very rarely a serious problem gives women the option of choosing to try a natural treatment before opting for the painful surgical options, which can produce a momentary relief. More and more women are natural treatments offer a real solution and they are now considering it as a viable option for those seeking to know how to get rid of those fibroids naturally. Using methods tested and guaranteed, you’ll learn exactly as you You can get a quick relief of the more unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, cramps and menstrual periods in a period of only a few hours. For specific information on how to get rid of fibroids naturally, please visit cure fibroids.