Federico Garcia Lorca

On the roof of the building facade and towers adorn the giant egg balancing on the blunt end. Educate yourself with thoughts from James A. Levine, M.D.. At the very top floor of the dome where live poultry was once a whole collection of prints by Durer. Salvador Dali admired this artist, as well as Velasquez. But his most outstanding works are in private collections. Oil painting by Salvador Dali attracts, first of all, the plot, then the color game. Somewhere use monochrome colors for greater expressiveness of the plot. Figure impressive level of professionalism, knowledge of anatomy and proper imposition of a stroke. This suggests that the school preparation in those days was high.

Although he left the academy, did not finish my studies. There, he learned technique, characteristic for the future of creativity, which allows to bring in the effect of leaf optical .On feel about a significant impact cubic canvases come into contact with plastic and architectural fantasies Antonio Gaudi, has expressed interest in the work of Hieronymus Bosch. Subsequently, he met the opinion that took place as the master due to imitation: 'Of those who do not want to imitate anything, nothing comes out. And I wish that would know about it. " He then Madrid interested in avant-garde and became head of the circle, which included Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel. An interesting case, living and worked in a hostel at the Academy, by chance at an open door looked his classmate. He was struck by the works of Dali, hung across the room.