Eye Laser Surgery: LASIK, LASEK & Femto LASIK

The way to a new life with an eye laser surgery eye laser treatment belong now to the most modern methods of operation, to correct poor eyesight. The language is also spoken by refractive surgery. This kind of Ophthalmology encompasses a wide range of treatments. A common practice is for example the in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK), which is composed of a total of four treatment stages. First, the thickness of the cornea is measured to resolve this in a second step along with the pain-sensitive epithelium of the eye. In the third step, the laser is then used, which performs the necessary correction.

Finally, the cornea is repulsed again. The epithelium grows within fully a few days where the entire corneal layer only is completely healed after a few weeks. The so-called Femto LASIK is a method of the LASIK applied since 2001. It used a kind of glass in the eye. Then, Ultrashort pulses of light are sent by some 100 femtoseconds on the eye.

This is from the laser in a previously exactly calculated depth creates a cut. Small bubbles are generated by the emission of light pulses and separated so the corneal tissue. All following steps resemble the traditional LASIK procedure. The advantage of such eye laser treatment is the easy correction of a faulty cut. In addition, sections can be positioned more accurately. LASIK is LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) in the type of treatment. This variant of the eye laser treatment applies to people with thin corneal layer of the eye. When LASEK surgery, the epithelium by means of a chemical solution is resolved. Can then be treated as well as with the LASIK method. The epithelium grows back to four days. This type of treatment is markedly gentle, pain more intense after the eye laser treatment.