His internal experiences always lack of reference solids that can really sustain a mature personality. For what so much need for admiration? The terror of not being at the height of not meeting expectations, put it in a level of demand for others, but especially to the couple, who must cover their emotional shortcomings. On the other hand, when this happens, they resort to cynicism and sarcasm as a way to silence outsiders are not in agreement with them, as likewise, and avoid touching their pain in a vacuum. Obviously in what refers to the relationship as a couple, all of this happens in silence, without the presence of others, veiled and in intimacy with all his strength. The couple remains perplexed, confused, and apparently paralyzed. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this.

It is to be stuck in a double bind: Yes you are my partner you have to admire me but yes, you’re my partner You also have to reject me. Its charms are not left waiting, his seduction becomes elusive, but also its silences, drop-outs and lack of sensitivity to the needs of the couple charged outrageous dimensions. In addition, in that you do not can have what I don’t have. Because if you do, I’m going to fight so that you are finished. So they operate largely with a narcissistic love relationships. Do so what: If you feel that your partner does not listen and is not sensitive to what you think? Yes everytime your you ask for something, there are always factors that you disagree with or criticize, or simply as yours is not important? Yes everytime you want to talk about the relationship becomes elusive or maintains an ominous silence? Do Yes the single method of Excel in your projects, cause you a great anger, resentment and attacks of mediocrity? Yes your feelings are confusion, paralysis, lack of understanding, anguish and depression usually experience it is so, surely, you find yourself entangled with a couple with marked features narcissistic. For more information see The Laws of Human Nature. The most important thing is that you review your forms and modes of relation, and you wonder again and again: do this couple makes me feel important? Can I build a healthy life project with my partner? The relationship with my partner I does more to suffering or growth? My partner needs are always above the mine? Only you can answer these questions. Only you can know what kind of relationship are built in your loving link all partner account relationship with problems and conflicts to resolve, but the narcissistic love leaves wounds and suffering it is important to recognize. It is important to detect, how much is your suffering and pain.