Cosmetics for Feet

New beauty formula for the perfect foot Dusseldorf, October 2010. Show your feet, who has the most beautiful in the whole country? This question can now clear answer on the basis of proportions and geometrical laws. Adrian K. Wiethoff and Adem Erdogan, the forerunner of the reputable aesthetic foot surgery in Germany now for the first time define standards for perfect, pain-free feet. And the innovative, minimally invasive surgery methods allow it today ever easier and gentler, to satisfy this desire for perfection from head to toe.

The idea of subjecting the foot a certain ideal of beauty, is basically not new: already in mists the feet were wrapped in China girls, to restrict the growth. Because small women’s feet were seen as the ultimate. Then no attention was paid to the functionality of the feet and the discomfort associated with the wrapping or pain. The humanism, are those days now past. The foot aesthetics pioneers Erdogan and Wiethoff set new standards: divide two areas, namely on the one hand the basic proportions of the toes to each other and on the other hand, the shape of foot specialists in aesthetic analysis of the foot or width. This inclusion of the bony structures, as well as the skin and the underlying tissue consisting of among others out of tendons, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and fat accumulation.

Alignment – and hand fan formula alignment-formula for the perfect toe length: the length of the toe, the distance of cloves should be identical to each other each. The experts correct a toe Overlength by they shorten the toe to the same distance has the neighbouring toe to the next toe. The same principle applies to a short toe. Total every toe without excessively pronounced joints should be, with a healthy nail and nail bed have a rounded tip and evenly without too much space to the adjacent toe. As Orientation parameters are included the basic link width of the toes for the width of the toes. This should remove ideally starting each of the second toe on to the neighbouring toe by approximately 15%. Feet are too wide or too narrow? Here the hand fan formula created by Wiethoff and Erdogan will help: the distance between the 1st and 2nd or 4th and 5th metatarsals should ideally equidistant from exhibit like that between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. The skin and under this fabric nestled ideally, wrinkled and withered similar like in the youthful face smooth and tight to the perfectly shaped bony base, without annoying hair, thin”skin that can shine through the veins, or unsightly fat deposits, for example, in the ankle area. For all of these disturbing factors, there is the right solution at the foot specialist. Constitutionally, or acquired errors of muscle balance, such as frequent wearing of heeled or pointed shoes, see new therapies for perfect feet