Yesterday I saw a part of the chain of radio and television with which our Presidente announced his visit to our country, I confess that I had no stomach to see it complete because it was eating my late lunch that got to see was the bit where admonitoriamente reminded the poor old man, general Muller, about the inconvenience of confused with the issue of the politicization of the national armed force (FAN) when in my opinion there is no nothing more lucid and real than the recognition of the doubly retired general in the sense that the FAN are politicized and partidizadas and there is no better proof of this than the obligatory exclamation of what homeland, socialism and death because do isn’t are active members of the FAN the first proponents and members of the nascent PUSV? hope someone outsource to remind you that the Constitution (do should call it moribund?) expressly prohibits it but it is not these gossip discussions presidential media that I want to write today; little later (or was it before?) the warning to the general, the Presidente showed us proud strategic achievements of his visit to Iran, particularly in the area of the petrochemical industry. Of his impromptu and superficial lectura-revision of the prospectus that underpinned his words there are two or three things that I would like to emphasize on the one hand: if it is true that in Venezuela were not produced syringes and other medical material primary plastic material that by its use and characteristics are of high consumption and meant a huge in games of import spending and I think phenomenal occurring in the country. To this I just want to add that I hope the capital with which that production is financed and this company is Venezuelan similar to I hope Venezuelan managers and workers of that plant and also the market where its products will be sold to make something positive of the initiative, and that this is handled with real managerial vocation and a high standard of quality and eventually produce enough surplus to become exporters of this material having a high demand in any part of the world. .