The use of plastic cups no breach of style who is planning events or parties with many guests, is quickly faced with a logistical problem: the purchase of so many reservoirs for a one-off occasion blows the budget. Also there is no often place, permanently to store as many glasses until they are needed once again. In addition, that a glass per guest is not long enough. In the course of the evening, most people change the drink: after the apple spritzer, beer, maybe a liqueur or a glass of sparkling wine. And that each location in a fresh glass should be served, of course.

Including inevitable erosion by breaking glass what comes together as pretty. For these reasons, more and more organizers to decide to rely on plastic cups which are not only less expensive to purchase, but also help to avoid additional costs by broken glass and to minimize the cost of cleaning. Space-saving, convenient, and safe – reusable cups for every reusable cups and plastic cups are available in different sizes for all purposes. Whether as a cocktail cups, drink cups, for shots and spirits, soft drinks, juices, or whiskey: reusable cups and plastic cups are the ideal solution for the uncomplicated equipment for parties and events. The space-saving storage of returnable cups and plastic cups is convenient: they are stacked just inside each other, decreases to a fraction of the space required compared to glasses.

Another advantage is that cups made of plastic to minimize the risk of injury. Just at outdoor events, where things like once high up, the danger will be banned effectively by cuts through broken glass, if the organizer sets on reusable cups or plastic cups. In swimming pools, beach parties or other barefoot areas they are therefore indispensable. Safety factor returnable plastic cups is the use of returnable cups made of plastic also on birthday, in kindergartens and schools, where one rule of can assume that cups made of glass be knocked over or fall off, and these injuries can entail by shrapnel. Also the first youth parties are enough reason to preserve the good dishes of the parents and to engage in practical plastic cups. You can be quickly collected the next day and cleaned in the dishwasher. Reusable cups there are stylish plastic cups in high quality at affordable prices in high quality such as in B echerlounge. With the naked eye, they are to distinguish little glass, have much less weight. Of course is a TuV certification which certifies reusable cups and plastic cups to fully meet the EU rules by They are made from plastic SAN (styrene acrylonitrile), characterized by a glass comparable transparency and high strength, why he long has a lifetime. At the same time, SAN is food safe, heat resistant to deformation as well as dishwasher and micro wave suitable for. Andrea Castle