Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis of the breast cancer is firmed using if agreed, radiological and pathological clinical a method. It emphasizes Son (2000), that the carcinoma malignant of the breast it is defined as a malignant, restricted epithelial proliferation to the ductos or mammary ductos distinct of the invading carcinoma for the absence of estromal invasion. The same one does not represent an only entity, beyond the existence of two distinct types, to lobular and ductal, different clinical histolgicas and of behavior, strengthen the idea of that the carcinoma (…) represents a heterogeneous group of injuries. In agreement Son (2000), the increasing use of method tracking, as the momografia, has allowed the detention of located cases, small sizes and ties carcinoma (…). The increase of incidences is not only justified for the disgnostic improvement. The perfectioning of the mamografia or the use of the surgery conservative, and the progress advanced significant reached in finishes decade, but unhappyly still far from deciding the challenges that this so heterogeneous and prevalent illness presents. Clinically, the carcinoma of the manifest breast if as a concrete nodule many times detected by the proper patient.

Numerous they are the factors of risk for the breast cancer, some established still questionable others well, enters these most important are the factors of high risks as age above of 50 years familiar, antecedent history familiar of first degree, genetic illness (SON, 2000). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Ausiello (2005), tells that the cancer is considered as an widely evitvel illness. Already the factors of risks are known the causes of most of the tumors had been also identified one of these causes are the tobacco, consider if that it is the dominant cause of bigger incidences. Factors of moderate risk are any familiar antecedent of cancer of the breast, drawn out estrognica stimulation, delayed menopause, delayed gestation, exposition to the ionizing radiation. .