Bike Rides

One of the most pleasurable activities for infants and children is to walk. Of course, bicycling would not be an exception, so let’s see what is the best way to ride a bike to small passengers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of tom waterhouse on most websites. Move bike carrying small children is an activity that is not customary in our environment too, but yes there are countries like Holland where the bicycle is a usual transport medium, and a normal mode navigate through cities with family in tow. And although it is less common in Spain, is becoming more frequent who carried their children aboard of the bicycle as a leisure activity, the days of holiday or vacation in the field a very recommended, healthy and stimulating activity for everyone. Hear other arguments on the topic with tom waterhouse. However, so that it is also a safe activity should follow certain rules. The Committee of safety and injury prevention in the infancy of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics makes the following recommendations in regards to take our children as passengers in bicycle: In addition to using a helmet properly adjusted, children should ride in an approved extra seat.

The travel into the basket front let for a funny picture according to the General Regulation of circulation, the driver of the bicycle must be of legal age and the passenger does not have more than seven years, and must travel in an approved seat. Trailers for bicycles that appear to be safer for the transport of children still are not covered by the Spanish legislation. For safe transportation of children in bicycle, they at least must be older than one year, age at which possess enough muscle strength to control the mobility of the head in the event you have to brake sharply, even with the additional weight of the hull. Following these rules achieve the ride with the children of passengers is, besides nice and healthy, safe.