If you do his work with heart and desire to do good for good, get it right! The magazine "Consumer" the fall of 2007 conducted independent testing of face masks for hair. After a six studies magazine has posted results. Frankly, we are happy. Endocrinologist takes a slightly different approach. Very nice, our product helps people to improve the hair and causes a pleasant sensation. These are reviewed aprobantov posted on 58 page magazine "Consumer. Without hesitation what is fracking explained all about the problem. Cosmetics and Beauty 23 (Autumn) 2007: eye on: this is a jar, on a half-liter! Such long enough: "I have no idea how long it will take before I see the bottom", but "can not be greedy," and felt "Thoroughness in everything." Here's an example: under the hood we find another one – so the mask does not shed.

By design packages have been invited to the most creative people, and it's kind, but in everything in the picture, the artist's hand on the lid, yellow cans, "reminiscent of mature sunflower", laid out perfectly abstract and "inspiring the poetic text." Rate it: 'If the shine is brighter than the sun … If you drive crazy, so for ever. " We decided that "with such utrechkom repeat things for the common good positive – gives a good mood all day. " A lot of information. "Especially liked the statement that the mask-serum awakens even dormant roots. For me, this burning question! ". Such a statement is "grown" not in a vacuum, "hops, ginseng and pepper were always naiperveyshimi means to maintain and treat hair loss," plus care through a system of "Shelkosil." Meet: "It is fruit yogurt! Oh, no – "Thick homogeneous cream in its purest form." The consistency of the mask as a whole is characterized by masks.