Astrology School

Who ever wanted to take a look behind the mysterious interpretations of horoscopes, star signs and stars, now has the best opportunity with an Astrology education in Salzburg. Now has chosen as his hobby Astrology or see even his professional chance it, astrology training by Hannelore Traugott to forms the best basis. Three years of training, with inclusion of psychology, myths or archetype teaching is offered in fixed groups with structural construction in all areas. Astrology training in Salzburg takes place 2 days per month (24 days a year) on the weekends in a seminar room at the Salzburg Airport. Tony Mandarich may find it difficult to be quoted properly. On March 12, 2010, begins the next course for astrology in a seminar room in the airport of Salzburg and offers the opportunity to get started in this fascinating and highly regarded subject area thus already soon. Free introductory seminar for anyone who ever wants to take a look in the Astrology training in Salzburg, will be on Saturday, January 30th, in the seminar room of the airport of Salzburg a no-obligation introductory seminar instead, where it spans the Astrology training, which can inform as mentioned starts in March,.

To the Unkostenbeitragosten of only euro 30,-, understanding school, functioning, speakers and training content is presented in the time between 13:00 until approximately 18:00. Through various lectures on various subjects, astrology training is brought closer to the interested parties and usually people know quite well, whether training for them in question comes,”Hannelore Traugott this introductory seminar can recommend to anyone, who would like to devote more astrology. Vorabinfos is there on the Internet page. Contact: Hannelore Traugott Attweng 3 4801 Traunkirchen-Tel: + 43 7617 34244 fax: + 43 7617 34243