In addition, the bleached hair may become visible on tanned skin. Before you lighten the hair on your face, you need to do a preliminary test on sensitivity. To do this, put a little money on the area of skin on the inside of the arm and check the reaction. Another way to cope with hair with cream – is the application of creams, depilatories. However, despite a soft effect, the use of such means for removing facial hair pose a risk to get irritation, chemical burns or other unpleasant consequences.

So, before you remove the hair by means of depilatory creams, it is necessary to test for sensitivity. More radical is plucking the hair using special tweezers or wax. This option is suitable for single or few hairs. But procedure will also have to repeat as the restoration of hair growth, also at plucking the skin is injured, so it should be done cautiously and after treat skin with special means to antiseptic properties. Home remedies are easy to use and inexpensive, but require constant repetition, and can severely damage skin and lead to unpleasant consequences, the removal of which would require much larger effort.

Much better to visit the beauty clinic, where the problem of unwanted hair you can solve quickly and painlessly. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to remove hair It is suitable for the elimination of individual hairs and for the treatment of large areas. Laser hair removal technique, the proposed clinic LINLINE, has several important advantages over other methods and techniques epilation. First of all, this procedure completely painless and safe. Unlike hair removal or laser hair removal in other salons, unique equipment used by professionals LINLINE, does not cause heating of the skin, not require refrigeration and use of anesthetic cream. Accordingly, you are insured by the appearance of dark spots, scars and other negative consequences. For the complete removal of hair will need 3-5 sessions, then you are forever get rid of unwanted facial hair. Special attention is given the application of facial hair removal for men. First of all, I must say that the growth of facial hair is related to male sex hormones, so stop their growth forever is impossible. In addition, the structure of the skin in men differ from women in relation to what is necessary to choose a method of hair removal with caution and always consult with a specialist. After course of laser hair removal the hair becomes thinner and lighter, solves the problem of irritation and ingrown hairs.