Letter, email, school, etc. when they arrive as an avalanche, surpass our capacity of efficient setting. This memorization difficulty has to see estresse with it that in short term, until aid our brain to act more readily to the stimulatons, already in long stated period, the consuming surpasses the efficiency. Research shows that in about 30 minutes, the hormones estresse of it (adrenalin and cortisone) disactivate the molecules that carry glucose to hipocampo, leaving it with little energy. After long periods, the hormones estresse of it compromise the linkings between neurons and make hipocampo to reduce to the maximum its action. ALTERATION OF the Hipermnsia MEMORY the Hipermnsia occurs when causal souvenirs are evoked with more exactness that normally, or when it remembers particularitities that do not occur in the conscience. The Hipermnsia can be observed in the fever case toxi-infectious, in these cases can appear old souvenirs. With hipntica stimulation, they appear memory of very complicated particularitities, that are revividas.

In the Hipermnsia increase does not exist of memory, but a bigger easiness of souvenir of the mnmicos elements, or still, affective load experiences strong. The Hipermnsia is a curious phenomenon, being able to occur in it, souvenirs that happen in states that precede the death or when the person is in a threatening situation. In psychiatric literature it has references of cases that the person remembers, in few instants, of all the events of its life with clarity. Hipomnsia and Amnsia the Hipomnsia and the Amnesia are the reduction number of it of souvenirs. The Amnesia is the complete disappearence of the corresponding mnmicas representations to an individual. In the Hipomnsia the disappearance of the memory does not need to be complete, having you vary graduations between the nothing and the incomplete souvenir. Four varieties of Amnesia exist: First – when no event reaches the conscience will not be possible some production.

Second – the understanding is verified to be possible during some time, to put Amnesias extremely accented, of psicognica origin. In these cases, the solution is obtained by means of hypnosis. Partial Amnesias exist, happen the disappearance of some souvenirs, not of all, caused cerebral trauma or poisoning after. When the individual if limits the certain events, but it continues remembering other facts of the same time. This call of Catatmica Amnesia. In the depressive states, the psychic functions are disturbed. The symptoms that if detach are, vital sadness, distress and the inhibition of the psicomotilidade. To the side of these symptoms. The patients if complain of psychic impotence hinders that them to carry through its tasks, reduction of the capacity of> concentration and weakness of the will. In the majority of the cases, the sick people disclose reduction of global the voluntary activity, beyond the mnmica activity.