A Syringe Makes Veterinary Surgeon In Zambia

The animal ambulance Berlin has fulfilled a long-cherished dream a friendly animal doctor in Zambia. The animal ambulance Berlin has written it himself on the flags, to rush animals in an emergency to help and to save the life of them. In Germany, thanks to the professional training as a veterinary surgeon is no problem. But the professional equipment and special vehicles are the animal ambulance in Berlin naturally available and thus save animal lives. The simplest tool, how about bandages and syringes, also a true luxury can be and are just not so of course that was Saskia Czempiel by the animal ambulance Berlin while staying in Zambia Africa deliberately. On their journey in the Zambia Livingstone, the German vet pursued their Zambian colleagues work with great curiosity. Meanwhile the animal lover Saskia but also soon established that veterinary AIDS in Zambia are scarce.

While veterinarians in Germany have ordered equipment the next day on the table, you can’t in Zambia easy to order. Not to mention, you could pay for it. Back in Germany, did the vet do immediately and spontaneously grabs a small care package. With dressing materials and an automatic tip, she wanted to make happy their Zambian colleagues. And succeeded in doing more than her: the resident veterinarian at Livingstone, Athens, hardly believe his eyes when he held the automatic syringe to the vaccination of animals, such as cows, goats and sheep in the hands. He said that veterinarians in his normal country way can only dream of such a thing and was completely overwhelmed and speechless. Although automatic syringe greatly simplifies the work of veterinarians and protects them Additionally from the dangerous kicks of the animals, the only veterinarian in Livingstone, who can call his own, this tool now is Athens. So the animal ambulance team has, even though it’s actually just a trifle, greatly simplified his life the Zambian veterinary.

Still, the Berlin team wants more do animal doctors in Zambia for to make your work more efficient and safer or possible. If you want help the animal ambulance Berlin with donations, (expired) material or practical work, you don’t hesitate with the animal rescuers in contact to contact). Animal ambulance Berlin if your pet also needs urgent help – the Berlin animal emergency veterinarians come to each day and night time for them to go home and professionally take care of your pet. Call us: 0174 / 160 160 6 If your veterinarian has concluded. If your pet is ill all of a sudden, or life-threatening. If you want to avoid long waiting times in practice or in the animal hospital. If you have no way to transport the animal. Homepage: