Herpes Remedies

The search for a remedy for herpes continues to run, not yet known is a cure that will eliminate the herpes virus forever, currently is still looking for a vaccine to inactivate or prevent an infection from this virus, still without success, but there are some drugs that can control the virus sometimes for good. These drugs are specific for the herpes virus and may decrease its attack, depending on the method used. One of the methods in which these drugs are used is to prevent or reduce the number of attacks, called therapy suppressive and consists in the daily intake of these drugs, on the recommendation with the specialist. It is suitable for people who suffer frequent attacks of the virus, having an average of more than 6 Herpes outbreaks per year. One of the drugs used in this therapy is acyclovir, that taken about 2 times a day, for 6 to 12 months, helps decrease the number of virus attacks, must follow this therapy along with some recommendations that help maintain the high immune system and increase the effectiveness of the medication.

Eat a healthy diet, as well as the elimination or reduction of harmful habits usually be indicated, you should avoid smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages, since they generally tend to lower defenses to increase the chances of an outbreak of herpes. It is advisable to visit the doctor frequently to have an infection control, a talk contemplating your major questions will help, to follow the best treatment for the infection. Although there is still a remedy for herpes, this treatment option can help you to carry the infection with the lowest possible discomfort, for fate of many, the virus usually does not affect daily life and you can live normally, except in the resurgence of the virus that will feel some symptoms, usually happens 4 times a year. Discover how I could remove outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers – extinguishers are gas, in kotoryh as the gas carbon dioxide ispol. Quenching mechanism based on charge vytesnenii extinguisher under its own izbytochnogo davleniya, kotoroe created by filling a fire extinguisher. Posle charge displacement of carbon dioxide is an increase of its volume in a few soten times. Intruding into the combustion zone, carbon dioxide reduces the specific content of oxygen in the combustion zone to level where further combustion becomes impossible. Carbon dioxide is still expanding lowering the temperature in the combustion zone (up to -70 C). Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher consists of a steel cylinder and LSD – stop-start device. LSD is screwed into the neck of the container.

LSD is installed on the socket, designed to supply extinguishing agent (in this case carbon dioxide) into the combustion zone. Fig. LSD for carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Figure. The design of LSS.

1 – lever, 2 – pruzhina 3 – gasket, 4 – seat 5 – gayka 6 – hvoctovik 7 – cuff, 8 – valve stem 9 – arm axle, 10 – seal. LSD head screwed hvostovikom (6) goplovinu ballona. Raised arm (1) shut-off valve pressed by the spring (2) to the saddle (4). Activation of the LSD is made by turning the lever (1) to stop (as shown in the second position the lever). Due to the shift lever pivot protrusion eccentric surface presses the valve stem (8) and opens the valve to release the charge from the cylinder. To stop the charging lever (1) should be turned to its original position. From a careless accidental activation lever is held safety seal (10). Classification of carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher according to the method of displacement of the charge on the principle of displacement charge (fire extinguisher) extinguishers are divided into the following types: – Zakachnye. Charge extinguishing agent nahoditsya under pressure of working gas injected directly into cylinder fire extinguisher – With gas-generating element. Izbytochnoe pressure in the shell creates a fire extinguisher gas, which released into the hode chemical reaction between the components of the charge gas-generating element. – With high-pressure tank to store compressed or liquefied gas. Excessive pressure in the liner creates a fire extinguisher compressed or liquefied gas, which is contained in a separate container, kotory can be located inside or outside the enclosure extinguisher. Haibolshee widely zakachnye carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. History Carbon dioxide extinguishing ognetushiteley creator of the idea of burning uglekislotoy yavlyaetsya Russian scientist Mikhail Kolesnik, Kulevich. In 1989, he justified the method of gas extinguishing systems. He did vyvod that “to extinguish the flames substance should be gaseous or easily turning into gas. ” As one of the gases scientists consider dvuokis ugleroda. Also, the name of the scientist associated with the scientific justification for the idea of powder formulations. However, in the U.S. believe that carbon dioxide fire extinguisher invented by ‘Walter Kidde Company’ in 1924 at the request of . The essence of the inquiry – the development of non-conductive extinguishing agent. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in Russia ognetushiteli Carbon dioxide in our country presented a model number of the OS (Uglekiclotny extinguisher). Distinguish portable OU (OU-1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and mobile OS, osnaschennye wheel pair (from the OC-10). Fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide and are subject to mandatory certification tested according to the BNP.